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Can trump win 270 electoral votes

This created a stalemate that lasted until Alexander Hamilton intervened to persuade recalcitrant lawmakers to back Jefferson.
Whats stopping electors from voting for whoever they want?
That would help Trump in those three states - and could boost him in Michigan, too, where much of the Democratic vote comes from African-Americans in cities like Detroit and Flint: If Latinos don't vote as expected.Trump's campaign has made clear exactly what its targets are.And once we do that, then we put ourselves in a position to win one of those other swing states Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie said.(Maine and Nebraska award some of their electoral votes by congressional district rather than statewide; that enabled Trump to win one of Maines four electoral votes, for the states 2nd District, even though Clinton won the state overall.).Doing so would get him up at 259 electoral votes oh-so-close to victory, but not quite at that magic number of 270.But he still has a shot of winning, at least if you believe the FiveThirtyEight forecast.All but two states use a plurality winner-take-all system to pick their presidential electors whoever receives the most votes in a state wins all of its electoral votes, even if he or she got less than a majority wagman hair coupon code of the popular vote. .Each state votes by delegation, and a majority is required to win.

Florida (29 electoral votes).
And the Trump campaign has claimed that they could pull off surprise wins in Minnesota and New Mexico, though these claims have been met with intense skepticism.
If no one gets 270 votes, the election is thrown to the House of Representatives, with the constitution requiring that body to choose from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President.
We are fighting for every single vote Bossie said.
The 12th amendment of the constitution provides that if any candidate for the White House gets a majority of the electoral votes, they become president.Faithless electors, details Map Updated: Jul.A quick Electoral College refresher: The 538 electors allocated (mainly by population) among the 50 states and the District of Columbia actually choose the president and vice president, with a majority of electoral votes (i.e., 270) needed for an outright win.The electoral college: 538 members but only one candidate will make the grade.Faith Spotted Eagle, and one from Hawaii who voted for Vermont Sen.Second, Trump also almost surely has to win the toss-up state.From here, Trump seems to have three broad options for getting to 270.Aside from the moral issues, which Amar notes includes that fact that no one voting on 8 November thought they were casting a ballot for the unaccountable and unknown folks who make up the electoral college, there are legal obstacles as well.