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The extreme ectomorph has a fragile and delicate physique, with a lighter skeletal structure, small wrists and joints.
By Brandon Cook, the narrow waist and tiny joints are actually a blessing, as it will make every pound of muscle on your body look like three pounds.
Pinging is currently not allowed.What you resist persists.Maintaining a diet, doing cardio, R579.00 R299.00, you've just added this product to the cart: kraken extreme PRE-workout 0 out of 5, kraken extreme PRE-workout, the Strongest Preworkout In The Game!It is important to remember that you cannot achieve muscle hypertrophy (aka growth) by working against your body.After considering this, you may wonder if being an ectomorph really has any benefits.If through hard work and discipline one is able to add some decent muscle to their lighter frame it will tend to look better, more defined, and create the illusion that the individual is bigger than he really.Only after you can accept yourself and your body in this way, can you objectively step back and then map out a plan to get where you want to be in life and actually follow it to completion.His body type in this picture would now be considered an Ecto-mesomorph because of all the muscle mass he has added.Plus, it gives us the ability to cheat a little on our diet without destroying our progress.

Olympia who trained in the same era with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
So as you now realize, the ectomorph who wants to gain muscle is starting off at a huge disadvantage in comparison to guys blessed with better muscle-building genetics.
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