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The reward tales of alethrion

the reward tales of alethrion

Only to find it gone and a plain, worthless stone in its place.
Lupin III Princess Of The Breeze features the gang chasing Plot Coupons made of royal caribbean military discount 2016 gems, and discovering an ancient lost treasure of gold, paintings, and technology.
They find the chest, open it, and inside.They all pass, and learn a lesson about hard work or something.What they pulled out turns to be photos of the residents three generations before, along with a note saying that the earlier group went on the same hunt and found nothing but a note that said "Good Job".Subverted after the credits, when the audience is shown that behind the mirror is a vast treasure room filled with gold and gems.

In the 11th Non-Serial Movie, Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure, the "pirate treasure" of Anne Bonny and Mary Read turns out to be a hidden but empty pirate ship, built by Anne while waiting for Mary to get out of prison, which crumbles.
The treasure turns out to be The Insignia of Unity from the Galactic Senate, hidden by those who stole it largely for its symbolic value.
Which was written by Abraham Lincoln and is therefore worth a fortune as an historical document.The series finale of Better Off Ted had Veronica helping the founder of Veridian Dynamics search for a stash of corporate secrets he hid decades ago, so that he has enough leverage to keep from being forcibly retired.She says that she and Ben had thrown the box out years earlier, as silverfish had destroyed the contents.Turns out that there was never a treasure the inventor wanted a rival of his dead bad enough that he used his last days to turn his apartment into a Death Trap -filled monstrosity that wouldn't have looked out of place in a Saw.They eventually find a chest and inside it is a sheet of paper saying "my gold is in the heart of every American".The Five-0 team soon tracks the killers to the house where they're digging up the basement, both dying in the shoot-out.Arthur, never usually handling anything smaller than a 20 note, was unaware of the change until the time limit on changing the notes for coins had expired.However, the writing was actually instructions on how to use some Lost Technology and thus highly valuable; the treasure hunter lied about it to avoid paying them.

Turns out to be Confederate money, considered worthless in the 1950s.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door : There is a treasure being discovered by Professor Frankly (though this happens offscreen).
One of the earlier Redwall novels has two rats infiltrating the titular abbey and persuading a pair of children to show them its "secret treasure." When they discover the inevitable box of worthless trinkets (because the children have different opinions about what constitutes treasure one.