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The shepherdess and the sweep

So the story begins with Major Billy-goat's-legs asking the Chinaman for the shepherdess' hand in marriage.
In the middle of the cupboard door was the carved figure of a man most ridiculous to look.
Close by her side stood a little chimney-sweep, as black as coal, and also made of china.
You will have a husband, said the old Chinaman to her, who I really believe is made of mahogany.
On the door panel the shape of a most ridiculous man had been carved, for he grinned you could not call it smiling or laughingin quite a curious way.He showed her the best places to put her little china foot, until at last they came to the edge of the chimney and sat down to rest, for they were very tired, as you can well imagine.Again, under the looking glass; I shall never be happy till I am safe back again.Have you courage to creep with me through the fire-box, and the iron pipe?Then they climbed again up to the place where they had stood before.His eyes were always fixed upon the table below, and toward the mirror, for on this table stood a charming little figure of a shepherdess, her cloak gathered gracefully around her and fastened with a red rose.I have thought of something, said the chimney-sweep; let us get into the great pot-pourri jar which stands in the corner; there we can lie on rose-leaves and lavender, and throw salt in his eyes if he comes near.The tale was first published in April 1845.A.

He has the whole cupboard full of silver plate, which he keeps locked up in secret drawers.
3 The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, an artist's book in an edition of 50 copies, an altered version of Andersen's story, was published in 2012 by Deeply Game h and r block course discount code Publications.
There we can rest upon roses and lavender, and throw salt in his eyes if he comes near.
You will have a husband, said the old mandarin to her, a husband who, I believe, is made of mahogany wood.Then, rejoined the mandarin, you will be the twelfth, and you will be in good company.Just answer me that.You will be the wife of a field-general, of a man who has a whole cabinet full of silver plates and even more things in the secret drawers.My old grandfather is broken in pieces, and we are the cause of it, and she wrung her little hands.Indeed, he might as well have been made a prince as a sweep, since he was only make-believe, for though everywhere else he was as black as a coal, his round, bright face was as fresh and rosy.And again on a part.Other tales in the volume include the Elf Mounnd the Red Shoes "The Jumpers and "Holger the Dane".We shall come out by the chimney, and then I shall know how what.