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Why we win

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It takes nothing for wrong to prevail and evil to predominate.
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He burst into my room and said, George Vassey got saved!
Because It Encourages Believers, when I win people to Christ, bring them to church, or share their testimonies with others, believers are encouraged and uplifted.How much worse it is for those of us who know the only escape from eternal damnation to keep it from those desperately in need of this truth.George Vassey knew verses I had never heard.Phillips Cohens lawyers have been pioneers in applying the False Claims Act to recovering funds in such diverse areas as medical lab testing, municipal bond sales jones discount code 2017 and foreign military aid.I had been at First Baptist of Bridgeport just a few weeks when one of the former youth workers from the church where I had been an assistant pastor, called and said, Penny Shire has been in a terrible accident.I once heard of a preacher who, along with his family, befriended an elderly lady.2 Corinthians 5:1011 (emphasis mine).

Remember, it is an Old Testament verse that says, He that winneth souls is wise.
When it came time, however, for Penny to make a decision for Christ, her mother interrupted and said, Shes not old enough.
Sometimes people wonder why I emphasize soulwinning so much.
I hope that sometime she trusted Christ.
Because We Must Face Jesus at the Judgment Seat of Christ.The older sister, Rita, trusted Christ.Imagine a man having a cure for cancer and keeping the news to himself.I explained that I wasnt asking Penny to be baptized or join the church.Imagine seeing someone about to be run over by a car and not trying to warn him.